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Wandering the streets of Beacon Hill

At the time of settlement (1630), Boston was known as “tri-mount” for the three hills that made up the area. The middle of these three hills would eventually become Beacon Hill… then known as pastureland. Eventually “tri-mount” would become Tremount,… Continue Reading →

Photos of real mummies for halloween

Sorry… I know it’s late, the trick or treating is done and everyone has abandoned the Halloween craziness and moved on to drinking from the Christmas firehose. These come from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and this part of the… Continue Reading →

Boston: Favourite 4 Coffee Shops

It was really really easy to find good coffee in Boston. Perhaps it was the part of town that I worked in (Seaport) but the difficult decision every day was “where do I want my coffee from today?” First world… Continue Reading →

The sad miserable hotels of Boston

Edgar Allan Poe was once quoted saying about Boston: Their hotels are bad. Their pumpkin pies are delicious. Their poetry is not so good. And, I couldn’t agree more about the hotels. It is really hard to book a room… Continue Reading →

These bells didn’t really sing until the 20th century

While the steeple at the Christ Church in Boston has fallen and been replaced a couple of times during its 272-year history, the bells are original. Each of the eight “maiden peel” bells date to 1744 and weigh roughly between… Continue Reading →

It must have really stunk in the 1700s

There’s much more to the Old North Church in Boston than you’re told in passing. Hundreds and hundreds of tourists pass through the doors daily and they’re all told stories of Paul Revere, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the lanterns, and about… Continue Reading →

H.P. Lovecraft’s Boston as seen through Pickman’s Model

It might surprise you to know that the creator of Cthulhu and Arkham, friend to Houdini, Derleth, Wandrei, Ashton Smith, Bloch, Kuttner, Howard and Loveman, and the inspiration to countless writers, artists, musicians, and filmmakers was not well known and… Continue Reading →

The unexpected discovery of Os Gêmeos

“Surprise is the best thing in life. It makes life exciting.” Otavio Pandolfo My first encounter with the Os Gêmeos (Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo) was in São Paulo in 2011. They worked with politicians in São Paulo to beautify the… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Boston, twas good while it lasted

My project in Boston ended suddenly and unexpectedly. Unbeknownst to everyone, it ended with a party, with friends on a rooftop in South Boston. We celebrated without the heaviness of knowing why we were celebrating. I like it best this… Continue Reading →

I really love the little hidden nooks in Boston

The layout of the core of Boston defies all logic. As one of my coworkers stated, some guy with a horse went here and then they decided to build a road. This means there are hidden streets, alleys and nooks… Continue Reading →

A quick wander through Boston’s North End

The North End in Boston is the city’s oldest community (1630s). This is where Paul Revere lived, where Increase Mather lived, is the location of Copp’s Hill Burying Ground and the Old North Church, and is the setting for Lovecraft’s… Continue Reading →

A better commute, a better airline experience, a better hotel

People are always saying to me, “you’re so lucky, to be able to travel and live in different cities must be so glamorous.” In fact, I was told this last week… while in the midst of chaotic 9-11 travel and… Continue Reading →

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