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Clogh Oghaim (Ogham Stone)

So, what exactly is an Ogham Stone? An Ogham Stone is unique to Ireland and Wales and is a stone that has carvings in it now considered to be examples of early written Irish. They’re read from bottom to top… Continue Reading →

Rothe House

Between 1594 and 1610, Queen Elizabeth I was queen in the UK (until 1601 when James I inherited the throne), Newfoundland (then known as Terra Nova) was in the process of being colonized by the British, the French were colonizing… Continue Reading →

Ristorante Rinuccini

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of luck with food in Ireland. It was difficult to find allergy friendly restaurants outside of Temple Bar in Dublin; so, for most of the journey we were limited to pubs and dodgy looking… Continue Reading →

Church of St. Nicolas and the Knights Templar, Galway

The Templar Nights are immensely fascinating (to me)… not because of their reputation as a secret militaristic sect portrayed in countless movies as the protectors of Jerusalem who liked to hide treasure around the world. But rather, they are fascinating… Continue Reading →

The Kings Head Galway

The Kings Head was one of the few Galway sites we knew of before arriving in the city… apparently it has a bit of a reputation. However, the real reason we knew about the pub was because it’s known for… Continue Reading →

About Galway and it’s Medieval Streets

Because we had very little time in Galway but still wanted to get to know a bit about this rather dynamic and interesting little place, the first destination on our list was the Galway City Museum. This three story museum… Continue Reading →

Re-Occupy Galway

We hadn’t planned to stay in Galway and entered the city under rather ominous circumstances. Our stop here was to allow those of us who were sick to rest and get a break from driving. However, the city felt different… Continue Reading →

Cork Walks

These walking trails link places and buildings of heritage interest throughout the city from the steps and steeples of Shandon, the religious, archaeology and arts of the South Parish, the medieval to modern of the City Centre and the academic… Continue Reading →

The English Market, Cork

The English Market on Grand Parade was one of the first things we discovered in Cork. I joked throughout our stay that all roads lead to the market because we kept stumbling upon small cobblestone streets called Mutton Lane, Cornmarket… Continue Reading →

Greyhound Racing, Cork

Ok… I’ve been dreading this post… so let’s get the obvious out of the way first: I got into a lot of trouble for planning this activity and I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t thinking… I was… Continue Reading →

Cork Heritage Pubs

Rather accidentally we discovered the Cork Heritage Pub Trail… unfortunately it was on one of our last days in the city so we were only able to visit three of the older city pubs: Mayne Pharmacy, Mutton Lane, and the… Continue Reading →

The Rock of Cashel

On the drive between Kilkenny and Cork, you won’t need GPS to help you find the Rock of Cashel. Simply follow the tourist buses and you’ll find your destination. It still mystifies me that these giant people jammed beasts can… Continue Reading →

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