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San Jose

Lace, Paper Mache Angels, and Grass Flip Flops

As part of the Peculiar Things theme, I’ll periodically share forgotten surprises (read: images) that upload themselves from my various devices to a space in the cloud. This week’s images come from California: Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Venice. Lace Museum,… Continue Reading →

Raging Waters, San Jose

We try and pick a theme for each summer and plan activities for one day a week based on that theme. Last year’s theme was horses and we managed to plan an number of events that involved riding. This year’s… Continue Reading →

Alviso Marina County Park

The one great thing about the time change is it means there is more light in the evenings… which means I can start evening hikes and runs again without having to worry about being caught in the dark with mountain… Continue Reading →

Sunrise over Alviso

I’m introducing a new adventure series to my site. This week I was upgraded to a new “special” car: a Challenger. Because of this I wanted to do a theme different from the Mustang journeys. I toyed with the idea… Continue Reading →

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

To begin with (and prevent confusion), there are three names/places that should be called out when referencing the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum: 1. The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), founded by Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis in 1915 as a educational… Continue Reading →

Alum Rock Park

Alum Rock is another park full of lost things, crumbling structures, stone archways, mountain lions, vegetation, skunks, hikers, bikers, and tumbleweeds: a perfect place for a Sunday hike… and we did an easy low grade walk on a rainy, muddy… Continue Reading →

Santa Clara Depot

The Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History (a.k.a. the Santa Clara Depot) positively buzzes with activity. I was surprised because after visiting numerous museums in the area, most tend to be quiet in the evenings. But, the Depot was full… Continue Reading →

Hacienda Cemetery

While Hildalgo Cemetery is devoid of bodies, Hacienda Cemetery is not. This little Victorian Era cemetery is located on Bertram Road and rests amidst ancient trees, damp forest, houses, picket fences, and vegetation. The scene is more like something you… Continue Reading →

Hidalgo Cemetery

Part 1: Almaden Quicksilver Park Part 2: Spanishtown and English Camp Hidalgo Cemetery is one of three mining cemeteries that exist in/around the Almaden Quicksilver Mines. One is not labeled on any maps: Guadalupe Cemetery (a.k.a. the Spanish Cemetery or… Continue Reading →

Spanishtown and English Camp

Part 1: Almaden Quicksilver Park I mentioned in my last post that the New Almaden Mines were in operation from 1845 to 1976. This means people were pulling ore out of the caves before California was a state and before… Continue Reading →

Almaden Quicksilver Park

The drive to the Almaden Quicksilver Park is breathtaking… but nothing compared to a hike though the park. I “walked” into the park thinking this would be a quick afternoon jaunt before moving onto another activity. Instead, my “walk” morphed… Continue Reading →

Luis Maria Peralta Adobe

One of the downsides of staying in California for an extended period is after a while it becomes harder and harder to find new and interesting sights to see. For a while the NorCal Mission Quest drove planning for weekend… Continue Reading →

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