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Everyone Loves a Parade!

Controversy. If the mural on Church Street in Burlington has done anything, it has caused controversy. And, people LOVE to be indignant, outraged, and talk endlessly about their outrage. You see, the 2012 mural is what is deemed socially acceptable… Continue Reading →

We drank a lot of coffee during the first few hours in Vermont

Crossing the CA/US border was… well… an unexpected experience. We’d done the due diligence and researched busy entry times, Nexus line openings, and overall important need to know details on the USCBP website. The day we wanted to cross the… Continue Reading →

There are lots of roadside attractions in Burlington

There’s no shortage of bizarre roadside attractions in Vermont. Many are quick stops or are completely ignorable… depending of your objective. Since our objective was to “find bizarre things in small town America,” we made an effort to find the… Continue Reading →

This is Vermont!

It’s time to knock another state off the “states we’ve visited” list. In the map below, the blue states are the states we’ve visited (22 complete)… the grey we have not (28 remaining). Vermont is a quick weekend jaunt from… Continue Reading →

Wandering the streets of Beacon Hill

At the time of settlement (1630), Boston was known as “tri-mount” for the three hills that made up the area. The middle of these three hills would eventually become Beacon Hill… then known as pastureland. Eventually “tri-mount” would become Tremount,… Continue Reading →

One of the Civil War Ironclads: U.S.S. Cairo

Ironsides and ironclads… are common vernacular from the American Civil War. Ironcads refer to the steam-powered metal armoured ships that roamed the Mississippi Delta during the war. They defied logic (much like airplanes)… and stayed afloat even though they were… Continue Reading →

That place called New Amsterdam

Before New York was packed with people… before it was a global destination for fashion, music, and business… before it was home to the Mets, the Rangers, and the Yankees… before it was the place that Loyalists hid during the… Continue Reading →

The Last Flight

Ok… so… it’s true. I’m leaving my ridiculously amazing travelling gig to take something local in Montréal. There will be travel; but, a different kind of travel that is done at a sustainable pace (hopefully). It feels weird. This site… Continue Reading →

Escape from New York

The day started just like any other day on the busy streets of New York: unseasonably warm, sunny, and generally pleasant. But, at some point I got an email simply titled, “the snow.” The request in the email was to… Continue Reading →

A soldier, a bear, a boy, and a book

While researching a post and sifting through newspapers, letters, and photos from World War I, I kept running into stories about Winnie the Bear, the mascot of the CEF Canadian Veterinary Corps. In 1914, Winnie was a young bear rescued… Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes glimpses of the Carton Hotel

After the bedbug experience at my previous hotel, myself and all my co-workers moved to a different location; one of the old New York beaux-arts hotels: the Carlton. This hotel has switched management and is currently being renovated. This means… Continue Reading →

The joys of travel

The most joyful part of the LaGuardia experience is the taxi queue. For the most part, I opt for taxis in NYC because it is nearly impossible to find your Uber (I’m always being asked to walk somewhere that I… Continue Reading →

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