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In one day you can drive Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

Here we are… day 1… driving through three provinces with bikes, a Jeep, and a motorbike. It would have been nice to stop and explore the Red Coat Trail (the route that the newly formed NWMP took West in 1874… Continue Reading →

Those Construction Guys

Remember all that construction that we started in May with the dramatic, tween-like, construction guys… well… where do I start? I’ll just jump into the explanatory rant. This company is an unprofessional joke. We hired and paid Done Wright Contracting… Continue Reading →

Still at it but there are some “done” shots

This whole “get-the-house-ready-for-the-renters-who-will-probably-wreck-it” thing is all consuming. We’ve had some successes and some failures. Firstly, a shot of quick success: the painting of the house, power washing of the siding, the cleaned up garden, and the new mailbox. Yes. We… Continue Reading →

Prep for the Move Across Canada (the saga) Continues

We are entering crunch time for construction and everyone is starting to stress out. There are many late nights of maintenance, tiling, cementing, and painting. I personally shouldn’t be allowed near anything home improvement related (home destruction I can do)…. Continue Reading →

In the Midst of Renovations: The Basement

The Great Move Across Canada doesn’t end with us finding a house in Montreal. It begins the next phase: doing something with the house we have. We can’t sell it… because everyone is selling their house in Calgary as part… Continue Reading →

Hello. I’m still alive.

Ok. So. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. I’m so sorry. I’ve written for many many years and have posted every fews days… even in the midst of chaos. However, this Spring I discovered the… Continue Reading →

The Storm that Rocked Santa Cruz

There is only one time in my life where I thought I would die; where inside my head a little voice said, this is it… today is that day… the day that I die. Where you so completely let go… Continue Reading →

Buckwheat Pancakes and Friends

I’ll be bold and apologetic and admit to Edmontonians that I’ve probably spent the equivalent of a day in Edmonton proper during the entire two decades that I’ve lived in Alberta. So, I wasn’t sure what to expect upon entering… Continue Reading →

The Day that Started with Surfers and Ended with Prairies

March kicked off the beginning of the busy travel season (for me) and the first big adventure starts in… *drumroll*… Edmonton. The first day of the great Edmonton adventure actually starts in Santa Cruz, California… watching the sunrise over the… Continue Reading →

2015: A Year of Travel

Los Angeles/Hollywood 2015 started with Los Angeles, Hollywood to be precise. It’s a longer flight than San Francisco but chalk full of entertainment… literally. Having “status” on the Calgary to L.A. flight means sitting with movie stars, sports personalities, musician,… Continue Reading →

Medieval Music, Creepy Santas, and an Abandoned Terminal

As part of the Peculiar Things theme, I’ll periodically share forgotten surprises (read: images) that upload themselves from my various devices to a space in the cloud. Medieval Music at the Fort This is one of the more interesting things… Continue Reading →

Calgary Climbing Centre

This one get filed into the Calgary birthday party / team event ideas bin. Located in a refurbished airplane hanger by the YYC airport (and next to the Flying Squirrel) we discovered the Climbing Centre via a team bonding event…. Continue Reading →

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